Caring for your small animal:
Guinea Pigs and Rabbits are ideal pets for a family or for anyone who has never kept a pet before.
Guinea Pigs and Rabbits can live indoors or outdoors. If you choose to keep your pet outside he will need a weatherproof hutch placed in a sheltered position. In cold weather you will need to either move the hutch into a garage or shed, or keep the hutch out of draughts and use extra straw for your pet to nest in and keep warm.
Living indoors, you will need a special pen, available from your pet shop. Soft wood shavings on the floor will act as an absorbent layer and you will also need to provide good quality hay both for eating and bedding. Barley straw may be used as an alternative bedding for your small animal to play in and make nests. The pen also needs to be equipped with a water bottle and a food dish.
Toys are also available from your pet shop. Ensure all electrical wires and anything toxic are out of reach of a nibbling animal!
There are many specially produced guinea pig/rabbit feeds on the market, available from your pet shop. You can also supplement their diet with fresh fruit and vegetables. Remember that rabbits cannot eat lettuce, but cabbage, sprouts, carrots and apples are among the safe food groups for both types of pet.
Your small animal will need to be fed at a set time each day. Remember to make sure there is a constant supply of fresh water and that any uneaten fruit and vegetables are removed after a couple of hours to avoid rotting., which can leave nasty smells and may cause your small animal to have stomach upsets.
It is essential to keep guinea pigs and rabbits healthy by providing them with the correct feed and bedding.
Which bedding is suitable for my pet?
With so many bedding products available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your pet. Where as every furry friend can like their own thing, our table below gives you an idea of what your pet might like to make a cosy bed in. 
Remember, our Hay products can be offered as both a bedding and feed material. 
Don't forget to clean out your pets home regularly, removing all soiled bedding, and replacing with new.